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At the Krembil Centre for Neuroinformatics at CAMH, we work in an open, team science environment—with an emphasis on reproducible and accessible results.

Our centre is designed to foster collaboration, spark conversations and drive convergence. 

Our team employs machine learning, artificial intelligence and computational modeling to integrate and analyze data across scales, including genomics, proteomics, electrophysiology, brain imaging, mobile and wearables, demographics, and environmental data. Teams collaboratively conduct multi-scale modelling studies to bridge the various levels of structure and function in the brain—from genes to circuits to behaviour, including wakefulness and sleep. 

Research Data Warehouse / Datamart

Over the past several years, the Krembil Centre for Neuroinformatics has made significant improvements to the CAMH research data management platform, advancing our mission of using big data, AI, and brain modelling to change our understanding of mental health. The platform allows users to collect data using a standardized set of data capture tools, make connections in the integration layer, and distribute the knowledge through various channels. This enables researchers and clinicians to access unified data more easily. As the platform’s capabilities have continued to develop, the team has updated and streamlined concordant operational processes, including online tutorials, and live workshops to help users navigate and access data.


Issued May 2021

The BrainHealth Databank Initiative

In its second year, the CAMH-wide BrainHealth Databank Initiative continues to re-engineer the way in which CAMH collects and uses data to improve care, accelerate research, and deliver more personalized mental health care. To accomplish this, the BrainHealth Databank team, led by Dr. Joanna Yu, has been establishing a collaborative patient-centered framework for enhancing delivery of measurement-based case, advancing translational clinical research, and enabling data-driven discovery and innovation. Over the past year, in addition to supporting CAMH's response to COVID-19, the team has made significant progress toward achieving its goals.


Issued October 2020

KCNI Summer School 

The Krembil Centre for Neuroinformatics is committed to educational initiatives and supporting the next generation of scientists. Helmed by Dr. Erin Dickie, the KCNI launched a novel educational program our Inaugural Summer School – building on the centre’s cross-disciplinary, integrative brain science methodologies to deliver an exciting curriculum to students around the world. LEARN MORE.

Visit KCNI Education's page:

July 2020

KCNI Celebrates One Year!

The Krembil Centre was proud to celebrate its one year anniversary with an all-day event to celebrate its one-year anniversary.

With opening remarks from Dr. Catherine Zahn, Deborah Gillis, Dr. Bruce Pollock, and Dr. Damian Jankowicz, the event included a Keynote from Dr. Etienne Sibille and presentations from the Centre's Scientists, trainees and informatics team.

Presenters focused on how their work is having an impact and how they would use knowledge translation to ensure research findings would be taken up in practice.

We had great feedback from across our community. We thank everyone who has supported us thus far and sincerely hope that next year we are able to host our colleagues in the Centre. READ THE FULL STORY.

Missed the celebration?  Check out the recordings here!

June 29, 2020

Open House Overview and images from Hay, French and Tripathy Labs

“I remember my first look at the Centre. As a visitor, I saw all the glass and light as a window into the future of mental health care – the best care through research and innovation. It represented all the things I value about CAMH: the optimism, the opportunity and the unity of purpose toward a hopeful future. In only your first year, you have not disappointed! Congratulations on all of your achievements.”

-Dr. Catherine Zahn, President and CEO of CAMH

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