Note - This material gets updated imediately after each workshop. 

Workshop 1 -  R and RStudio

Workshop Slides: R & RStudio Overview.pptx

Workshop Assignment: Assignment 1.docx

Workshop R Markdown: R & RStudio Overview.Rmd

Workshop Recording:
Password: Ht7KJ4hm
Recording link:

Workshop 2 -  Introduction to R Part I

Workshop R Markdown: Introductin to R Part I.Rmd

Workshop dataset 1: Self Esteem Dataset.csv

Workshop dataset 2: Self Esteem Dataset.sav

Workshop dataset 3: Self Esteem Dataset.xlsx

Codebook Self-Esteem dataset: codebook Self Esteem.txt

Assignment: Assignment 2.docx

Assignment dataset: Big 5 short.csv

Codebook Big 5 dataset: codebook Big 5.txt

Workshop Recording:

Password: Gz2p3MtG
Recording link:

Workshop 3 -  Introduction to R Part II

Workshop dataset:Self Esteem Dataset.csv

Workshop R Markdown: Introductin to R Part II.Rmd

Assignment: Assignment 3.docx

Assignment Dataset: Big 5 Dataset V2.sav

Password: uSMUpMf5
Recording link:

Workshop 4 -  The R Package dplyr

Workshop Dataset: Self Esteem Dataset.csv

Workshop Markdown: The R Package dplyr.Rmd

Assignment: Assignment 4.docx

Assignment Dataset: Big 5 Dataset V2.sav

Password: BtezFKS4
Recording link:

Workshop 5 -  The R Package ggplot2

Workshop Dataset: Self Esteem Dataset - V3.sav

Waorkshop Markdown: The R Package ggplot2.Rmd

Assignment: Assignment 5.docx

Assignment Dataset: Big 5 Dataset V2.sav


Password: 8Sh2GYDD
Recording link:

Workshop 6 -  R Basic Statistics

Workshop Dataset: Self Esteem Dataset - V3.sav

Workshop R Markdown: Basic Tests.Rmd

Assignment: Assignment 6.docx

Dataset for the assignment: Headache Wide V2.sav

Password: AbnZ3gRP
Recording link:

Workshop 7 -  R Linear Models

Workshop Dataset: Headache Wide V2.sav

Workshop Markdown: Linear Regression.Rmd

Assignment: Assignment 7.docx

Assignment Dataset: Cholesterol.sav


Password: 2RtHyvd3
Recording link:

Workshop 8 -  Dichotomous and Count data models

Workshop Dataset: Drinking data.sav

Workshop Markdown: Logistic Poisson Regression.Rmd

Workshop Slides: Odds Ratio.pptx

Assignment: Assignment 8.docx

Assignment Dataset: Self Esteem Dataset - V3.sav


Password: iXgmkes6
Recording link:

Workshop 9 -  Mixed Effect Models

Workshop dataset:Cholesterol Wide.sav

Workshop Slides: Mixed Models slides V5.pptx

Workshop R Markdown: Mixed Models.Rmd

Assignment: Assignment 9.docx

Assignment Dataset: Headache Wide.sav


Password: 2Ee9UNrb
Recording link:

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