When: June 19-23, 2023

Intended Audience: Open to learners worldwide! Undergraduate Learners, Graduate Students, Post-Graduate Research and Clinical Fellows, as well as Early-Career Scientists with interest in learning more about Clinical Research and Neuroinformatics are encoraged to join! 

Course Format: Virtual Webinar Series

Cost:  Free


See full schedule and register at: https://crowdcast.io/c/kcni-virtual-summer-academy-2023

(spaces open for all!)

The Krembil Centre for Neuroinformatics is excited to publish a free, globally accessible, webinar series about working with the clinic to perform integrative multi-scale neuroscience data. The series will start with a discussion of clinical research questions in mental health, and how to work with the clinic to perform research. This series will then introduce participants to the concepts and methods behind psychiatric neuroinformatics - encompassing genetics, brain structure and function, and cognition. In addition, participants will uncover the links between modalities of human genomics, neuronal electrophysiology, structural and functional neuroimaging, and observed behaviour that KCNI scientists are integrating through a series of virtual modules and a group-based project using real-world data types to study mental illness. The series will conclude with a discussion about how to return value to the clinic, emcompassing issues of ethics and fairness in Artificiall inteligence to tools of implementation science.

This unique learning opportunity will prepare participants to handle and analyze multiple data types in hopes that their own research may benefit from collaborative, multi-modal approaches. Critically, participants will also learn about best practices for data management and quality control in the context of integrative analysis.

See full schedule and register at: https://crowdcast.io/c/kcni-virtual-summer-academy-2023

Topics and Instructors 

Date/Time ESTTitle/Speaker
June 19 10-11am

A Multiscale Approach to Brain Disorders  - Sean Hill, Director, CAMH KCNI 

June 19 11:30-noon

Problems and opportunities in the diagnosis and treatment of major depression - Dr Brett Jones

June 19, 1-3pm

Data extraction from the electronic health record and clinical-decision making  -  Drs Sara Ling, Marta Maslej, Gillian Strudwick & Ryan Chan

Tues, June 20,  10-11:30am

Transcriptomics at the single-cell and bulk level level - Dr. Shreejoy Tripathy

Tues, June 20, 1pm-3:30pm

Simulating brain microcircuit activity in mental health  - Dr. Etay Hay

In-silico EEG biomarkers of cell-specific inhibition in depression and schizophrenia - Dr. Etay Hay

Wed, June 21, 10-11:30am

Modelling Cognition using Bayesian Inference and Neurocomputational models of EEG and fMRI Data - Dr. Andreea Diaconescu & Colleen Charlton

Wed, June 21, 1-2:30pm

Recent Advances in the Information-Theoretic Analysis of EEG and MEG Data: From Entropy to Mutual Information and High Order Interactions - Dr. Hamed Azami, Scientific Associate in Geriatric Mental Health Services, CAMH

Wed, June 21, 3-4:30pmComputational modelling of noninvasive brain stimulation: connectivity, plasticity, and in-silico testing of personalized therapeutic interventions - Dr John Griffiths
Thurs, June 22, 10-12am &2-4pm

Transdisciplinary Mental Health Modeling with Machine Learning - Drs Dan Felsky, Peter Zhukovsky, Samar Elsheikh, Tara Henechowicz & Mohamed Abdelhack

Fri, June 23, 9-11am

Applied Ethics in Machine Learning and Mental Health: Evaluating model bias - Drs Marta Maslej, Laura Sikstrom, James Anderson

Fri, June 23, 1-3pm

Why does it take so long for my research to be integrated into practice? - Drs Danielle Shin, Iman Kassam, Gillian Strudwick & Victor Tang

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