Module Basic

Intro to SPSS Part I

Password: cBQanM3a
Recording link:

Intro to SPSS Part II

Password: Mvn3QWAD
Recording link:

Reproducible Analysis with SPSS (Syntax)

Password: Gp5p9MuH
Recording link:

SPSS Basic Statistics

Password: gKTiZ9GJ
Recording link:

Note: We had some technical difficulties, which caused the recording not to be great, and also caused us not to be able to cover all the material. One alternative is to watch the workshops from last season instead, which are all in the link below. Look for "SPSS Menas and Propostions" workshops 1 and 2.

SPSS Recordings Fall 2022

SPSS Regression Models

Password: SkkcXBR3
Recording link:

SPSS Mixed Models

Password: Zq72a37M
Recording link:

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