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On June 29, 2020, we celebrated our one-year anniversary with a day of special, virtual presentations to share achievements from our first year and our future directions.
Keynote presentation

Dr. Etienne Sibille, Deputy Director and Senior Scientist, Campbell Family Mental Health Research Institute, CAMH

Neuroinformatics Platform
David Rotenberg, Jay Hennessy and Adeel Ansari

BrainHealth Databank
Dr. Joanna Yu

Computational Genomics
Dr. Shreejoy Tripathy, Dr. Sonny Chen, Anukrati Nigam and Dr. Michael Wainberg

Brain Circuit Modeling
Dr. Etay Hay, Dr. Alexandre Guet-McCreight, Kant Yao, Frank Mazza and Maggie Wishart

Whole Brain Modeling
Dr. John Griffiths and Shreyas Harita

Cognitive Network Modeling
Dr. Andreea Diaconescu, Daniel Hauke, Dr. Povilas -Karvelis and Hannah Bernstein

Integrative Neuroanatomy
Dr. Leon French, Ethan Kim and Dr. Sejal Patel

Whole Person Modeling
Dr. Daniel Felsky, Dr. Giuseppe Tosto and Micaela Consens

KCNI Education
Dr. Erin Dickie, Dr. Sanjeev Sockalingam and Dr. Pierre Bellec

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