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The Krembil Centre for Neuroinformatics at CAMH is committed to educational initiatives and supporting the next generation of scientists. Helmed by Dr. Erin Dickie, the KCNI launched a novel educational program our Inaugural Summer School – building on the centre’s cross-disciplinary, integrative brain science methodologies to deliver an exciting curriculum to students around the world.

Over 5-days, our Independent Scientists delved into diverse neuroscience theory and techniques, covering the hierarchy of brain structure and function, and integrative approach central to modern Neuroinformatics approaches.

Delivered virtually this year, future iterations will be designed for in-person residencies in Toronto. The team looks forward to expanding the curriculum for next year and supporting trainees across our global neuroscience community.

Attended by over 88 international students across 8 countries, the Summer School, attendees learned about topics including:

  • Psychiatric Genetics 
  • Integrating Multi-omic Data 
  • Cortical Circuit Modeling
  • Whole-Brain Macro-Connectomics
  • Neural Dynamics
  • Bayesian Models of perception
  • Population-based subtyping

Visit KCNI Education's page:

Dr. Erin Dickie is leading the KCNI Educational initiatives including the KCNI Summer School.

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