In this page you will find educational resources related to Biostistics. That  includes announcements about events, material for online workshops, material related to workshops that we held in person, and other resources. 

R & SPSS Workshop Series (Jan-Feb 2024)


SPSS Workshop Recordings

R Workshop Recordings

R & SPSS Workshop Series (Feb-Apr 2023)

SPSS Workshop Recordings

R Workshop Recordings

Past Events

SPSS and R Workshop Series (Apr-Jun 2022)

SPSS Workshop Meterial

R Workshop Material

SPSS Workshop Series (Feb-Apr 2021)

11 workshops held on Webex You can access the recordings and do the assignments!

Access the material here!

Computing Fundamentals - Introduction to R (Oct 2020)

Video 1 - Introducting myself and some quick stats background (7m19s)

Video 2 - Introduction to R and RStudio. Split in three parts: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, each with around 25 minutes.

CSV Dataset - This is the dataset we used in the workshop.

RMarkdown - This is the markdown file with instructions and script that we used.

HTML Output - This is the output from the RMarkdown file in HTML format, which you can read in your web browse.

Online Workshops and Tutorials

In this section you will find material that helps you to learn software and statistics related to the work you do in your research at CAMH.

SPSS Online Workshops

Since 2016 we have had frequent series of SPSS workshops. These workshops are delivered in person, in the CAMH computer lab. They expanded from the initial introductory courses to the current series that inovlves more than 10 different topics of interest to CAMH researchers. 

To the extent of possible, we will try to make available here the material of those workshops, or online versions of them.

Introduction to SPSS 

SPSS is probably the most popular software for Statistical Analysis at CAMH, and one that is accessible to researchers. The material available here will allow you to have a first and basic experience with SPSS, from opening the software, to importing data, doing some simple data cleaning and data analysis tasks. The material is currently in PDF format but it is in our priority list to have it also in video format. 

  1. Download this PDF file and follow it by actively using SPSS.

What is SPSS?

Video 1 - You will learn:

  1. What is SPSS and how it store data
  2. General concepts of rows and columns in a dataset
  3. Elements of data and metadata

Typing in data

Vido 2 - You will learn:

  1. Define variable names, labels and values
  2. Type of variables
  3. How to enter data into SPSS manually

Importing Data into SPSS

Video 3 - You will learn:

  1. How to open an SPSS dataset
  2. How to read Excel datasets
  3. How to read CSV (comma separated values) datasets

Download this CSV Dataset, this SPSS Dataset and this Excel Dataset, and then follow the video!

SPSS Frequency and Crosstab

Video 4 - You will learn:

  1. How to use Freuqencies
  2. How to use Crosstabs
  3. Type of variables.

The activities in this video uses this SPSS Dataset

SPSS Means

Video 5 - You will learn:

  1. How to calculate statistics for continuous variables
  2. Use of Frequency, Means and Descriptives

The activities in this video uses this SPSS Dataset

Introduction to SPSS Syntax

In order for your data analysis to be reproducible, you need to keep a record of all you did. Ideally, that means everything from reading the initial dataset to your published results. Doing data cleaning and data analysis using script is the perfect way to make your research reproducible.

SPSS Syntax here does not mean SPSS programming. We just want you to know that is easy to do anything in SPSS using Syntax, and get you comfortable with it. As such, this course is very introductory, we don't expect you to have a high level of SPSS or programing knowledge in order to understand it. We do expect that you know SPSS at the introductory level, that you already know how to do some basica analysis using the point & click menu.

  1. Watch this video. Here I just give you a quick introduction to syntax and some tips. 
  2. Download this SPSS Dataset, a this  SPSS Syntax File

R Online Workshops

Introduction to R

Here you will find a collection of videos and auxiliary material to help you get started with R. 

There are not pre

What is R and RStudio?

Video 1  - You will learn:

  1. What is R
  2. What is R Studio

Installing R and RStudio

Video 2 - You will learn:

  1. How to find and download R and R Sutdio
  2. How to install R and R Studio 

Opening RStudio and creating a project

Video 3-  You will learn:

  1. Opening R Studio
  2. What is a R Studio Project
  3. Creating a R Studio Project

R Script and R Markdown

Video 4 - You will learn: 

  1. What is R Script and R Markdown
  2. Why you should use them
  3. How to Create a new R Script and R Markdown
  4. How to run scripts in R Script and R Markdown

R Packages

Video 5- You will learn:

  1. What is a R Package
  2. How to find the package you need
  3. How to Install and Load a package
  4. How to use a package

Dataset Format CSV   and   Dataset Format SPSS  - Please, download these datasets so that you can follow the activities in the video.

Importing a dataset into R

Video 6 - You will learn:

  1. How to import your data into R
  2. Inspecting the data
  3. Different types of R objects


P-values and the Scientific Method.

Video 1- You will learn:

  1. The scientific method
  2. How not to use p-value
  3. Definition of p-value


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